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Special Education


When your child is not getting the special education he or she needs, we can help. Our special education law attorneys will advocate for you and your child to see that he or she gets the education and attention he or she is entitled to. We represent parents at the administrative level at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA), mediations, team meetings and litigation. We can evaluate your child's IEP to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. We will advocate for the appropriate development of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and assist in ensuring implementation. If the school is not in compliance, we can help. (Return to Top)

Consulting and Training

We provide training on IEP development, how to write measurable annual goals, appropriate modification techniques, teaching to varying learning styles and more. In addition, whether you are a public or private approved special education school (766 school) or a PAC, we can help bring you up-to-speed on legal issues in education.

Our education law lawyers consult with and advise schools on compliance with state and federal guidelines for special education programming. As a school approved by the Commonwealth, we can help you prepare for the Massachusetts Department of Education Coordinated Program Review. Compliance issues related to IDEA, Section 504, NCLB, Safe and Drug Free School Act, Education Reform Act and more are all part of the audit that we can help you prepare. (Return to Top)


One of the newer areas of education law that has emerged is how school bullying is legally handled. Our firm is extensively knowledgeable of the Massachusetts laws that govern bullying and stays current on any new laws that are being considered or passed.

We represent students and parents on either side of the issue; whether the child has been the victim of bullying or is being accused of committing criminal acts related to bullying. We can handle the legal aspects of the case as well as any administrative issues that may arise with the school, such as suspensions or expulsions. (Return to Top)

Student Discipline

If your child is facing suspension or expulsion from public school, you have recourse. We will aggressively advocate for your child to see that he or she is treated fairly. If your child is facing serious discipline at school, he or she is entitled to an administrative hearing to determine the appropriateness of that discipline. We have successfully represented parents and students at these hearings. Your child is entitled to a public education and the school must demonstrate significant cause to deny your child an education.

If your child is facing discipline, suspension, or expulsion because of truancy or any other reason, contact us. (Return to Top)


When your child suffers discrimination at school, it is not only unfair, it is illegal. If your child has had his or her speech censored, been illegally searched or detained, or been denied services based on a disability, we can help. Your child is compelled to attend school. Your child should not be forced to accept violations of his or her civil rights in order to receive an education. (Return to Top)

Juvenile Delinquency

A juvenile record can damage your child's future. If your child is charged with a crime in juvenile court, he or she could be adjudicated delinquent if the court finds your child committed the alleged offense. We will vigorously defend your child against criminal charges in juvenile court. Regardless of the offense your child is facing, we will make sure his or her rights are protected and he or she is treated fairly. We also work on juvenile issues involving issues such as:

  • Children in need of services (CHINS)
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Care and protection matters

If you have questions about how we can assist you, your child, or your school in any of these areas, do not hesitate to contact us Link to Contact Us. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment to meet with you.  (Return to Top)

Special Needs Estate Planning

When children reach the age of majority, (18 years of age), parents lose their decision-making ability. We help parents navigate and retain their ability to protect your child's interest.

Depending on the severity on your child's disability there is guardianship. This is a legal process where a court needs to grant authority that will allow guardians to make informed decisions on behalf of your child's health care, living situation and other related issues.

If your child will not qualify for guardianship, we also construct other estate documents that will bypass the legal guardianship process but can afford the same rights as guardianship authority would have. These documents consist of a durable power of attorney, health care proxy and a HIPAA release form.

Lastly, parents of children with special needs face financial challenges and obstacles. We can construct special needs trusts for your child that supplement any public benefits your child currently receives and will provide financial assistance to your child over the course of his or her lifetime.  (Return to Top)

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