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At Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services, LLC, we regularly work with parents and schools on a wide range of education issues. Our firm’s primary focus is helping you make sure your child receives the education and assistance to which they are entitled.
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Whether you are working to see that your child receives the education programs they are entitled to, you are wondering if you child is eligible for modifications and/or accommodations or special education services, you want your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) evaluated for compliance and measurability, you are fighting to prevent the suspension or expulsion of your child from public school, there is a bullying issue that is going unaddressed, we can help

Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services, LLC, provides representation and advocacy for students in public and private schools across the Commonwealth.

We Are Champions Of Children’s Education Rights

If you believe your child is not receiving the services they need, your child’s IEP is inadequate, you need someone to attend an IEP Team meeting with you, you seek representation at a Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA) hearing, your child is being wrongly disciplined, your child has been discriminated against, or your school is not adequately addressing bullying issues, working with an experienced education lawyer can not only provide guidance and negotiation on your behalf, but peace of mind that you are doing your utmost for your child. Our attorneys can also help you with special needs estate planning and guardianships.

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