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Experienced Lawyers Guiding Individualized Educational Program (IEP) Meetings

If you know or suspect that your child has a disability that is likely to affect their educational experience in a public or private school setting, you are doing the right thing by looking for an educational lawyer’s assistance. Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services, LLC, in Saugus, Massachusetts, exists for the primary purpose of guiding students, parents and educators statewide through the legal aspects of IEPs, special education and other educational matters.

When you look for an attorney to clarify educational legal issues, consider a law firm’s overall scope and suitability to meet your needs. Our group stands out for several reasons. Our founder and lead attorney has ample practical experience as a special education teacher, a school administrator and an education specialist with the Massachusetts Department of Education. With our special education lawyers leading the way, we are ready to address your needs and objectives. To reach us, call 781.231.IDEA (4332) or send an inquiry through this website.

About Our Proven Ability To Manage IEP Meetings

Attorney Pamela Milman’s first experience with IEP meetings was as a special education teacher and school administrator. Later, she served as an education specialist with the Massachusetts Department of Education. Today, she leads a team of well-prepared educational law attorneys who help parents, students and educators through the following:

  • Interpretation of legal requirements
  • Review of IEPs
  • Development, implementation and compliance of IEPs
  • Attend IEP meetings

Each lawyer at the firm contributes unique strengths to meet clients’ needs. Parents feel confident when our attorneys take the lead. We feel sure that you will find our direction reassuring.

Request A Consultation Regarding Any IEP Issue

Whatever direction you come from in an IEP situation, we understand and share your concerns. Our educational law firm advises clients throughout Massachusetts. We understand your needs and concerns. We are here to help with IEPs for individual students with disabilities.

To discuss IEPs and related educational issues with one of our attorneys, contact our law offices by email or call 781.231.IDEA (4332) for a prompt response.