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Anti-Bullying Issues

Across the country, school bullying has become a major issue that has spilled over from the classroom into the courtroom. Criminal charges, along with school disciplinary measures, are becoming more and more common in bullying cases.

Our attorneys at Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services, LLC, have an abundance of experience handling a wide range of educational issues, including bullying. We have spent time becoming fluent in the language of the Massachusetts bullying laws, which are often changing. Our firm is always current on any changes and can explain how they may affect your case.

There are a variety of Massachusetts laws that govern bullying and other intimidating or threatening activities in the educational environment, including:

  • Bullying in schools
  • Violation of constitutional rights
  • Cyberbullying
  • Stalking
  • Criminal harassment
  • Identity fraud
  • Hazing
  • Failure to report hazing or provide copy of hazing law to students

To further discuss your case if you or a child is being bullied or accused of bullying, contact our experienced lawyers today.

Students Being Bullied

Students are experiencing bullying at school should immediately report it to their teachers and/or other administrative personnel. Records need to be kept, both by the school and the family, in order to properly document the bullying actions. Mostly, bullying is dealt with in civil court and we can effectively represent your child there.

Students Accused Of Bullying

Students who are accused of bullying and other intimidating behaviors can be labeled a bully for the rest of their lives, even if the accusations are untrue. Our lawyers are committed to investigating the situation to determine the validity of any bullying accusations. A range of punishments may result if the bullying is found to be true and the student does not have adequate representation, including school expulsion, civil and monetary penalties, and even criminal penalties. Our firm can review your case and determine how best to defend the student against charges of bullying, harassment or other actions.

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