We Are Dedicated To Helping You Help Your Child

Do You Have A Concern About Your Child’s Educational Services?

Whether your child is having a difficult time learning , facing suspension/expulsion, or there may be a bullying issue, we can help. The field of education law is a complex mix of federal and state laws and regulations combined with administrative laws and case rulings. At Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services, LLC, our practice combines this knowledge with firsthand experience in the school environment and state compliance agency experience. We bring a compassionate level of understanding to your unique needs in resolving your dispute with your child’s school district.

Our Approach

While litigation is a possibility, we believe that there are often other more productive means that are less expensive, faster, more positive for families to reach their goals, and maintain a positive relationship with the educators. We will meet to review your child’s evaluations and assessments, and determine appropriateness of IEPs and measurable goals. We will discuss educational programming and placements, compliance matters and attend Team meetings at all levels. We believe in developing a collaborative approach with parents and maintaining or reestablishing positive working relationships with school districts to meet the unique needs of your child.

Getting Started

Trying to discern what are the appropriate steps to take and how to go about doing them can create a myriad of feelings. We offer in-office or virtual consultations for a way to begin to get organized and focused. You meet with an attorney who will review your information as you present it and provide you with some ideas of your ‘what to do next’ plans. You can then step off from there with either deciding on representation and engaging in our services or leaving with a plan on what you can do yourself.

Our ultimate goal is to empower and provide you with knowledge and skills to better advocate for your child. You will learn how to better engage with the school district as an informed parent and be able to ensure your child’s unique needs are met for their successes during their educational years and beyond. Call us at 781.231.IDEA (4332) or send us an email to schedule a consultation.