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Is A Guardianship Right For Your Family Member With A Disability?

As your teenage son or daughter with disabilities approaches age 18, you will no doubt be seeking appropriate legal protection such as guardianship. Without this type of protection, your child will be the legal decision-maker with regard to their individualized education program (IEP) and other aspects of their educational life, such as enrollment in school. If your child’s disabilities are such that this is not in their best interests, you and/or your spouse may seek to be appointed their legal guardian(s).

Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services, LLC, is a special education-focused law firm serving a variety of needs for students with disabilities and their families. The attorneys at the practice are keenly aware of many families’ needs for guardianships and other estate planning solutions, especially when students turn 18. Our firm can help your family through the process of obtaining a guardianship through the court for your young adult child with disabilities.

What A Guardianship Or Conservatorship Can Do For Your Young Adult Son Or Daughter

By being appointed the guardian(s) and/or conservator(s) of your child with disabilities, you will have the legal tools necessary to:

  • Manage your adult child’s finances
  • Manage necessary personal care
  • Make informed decisions about their education, health and well-being.

In short, you will be able to continue to provide the loving care that a parent naturally wants to give, without legal impediments after your child reaches the age of majority. In Massachusetts, a guardian acts in protection of the person, whereas a conservator is empowered to protect the property and business affairs of someone in need.

You or someone else can be named the guardian of your child with a clinically diagnosed condition that results in an inability to receive and evaluate the information necessary to properly care for themselves. Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services, LLC, is eminently qualified to help your family evaluate:

  • Whether guardianship is the best solution
  • Who should be named the guardian(s) and/or conservator(s)
  • How to carry out the duties of a guardian or conservator legally and properly

Our extensive experience working with families with special needs children has equipped us to advise you of all legal tools that can preserve your child’s continued access to special education services and other public benefits. These are some of the problems that a guardianship or conservatorship can solve.

Ask For A Consultation Regarding Guardianship And Related Issues

Our ability to provide comprehensive advice and assistance regarding your child’s education and overall well-being is evident through our years of experience helping Massachusetts families. Special education is our focus but our understanding of legal challenges that you face encompasses much more. We are here to answer questions and, once you decide on the best path forward, we can help you proceed efficiently with peace of mind and appropriate legal protection for your child with disabilities.

Ask us to help you select and implement the right tool for your family: a limited guardianship, a temporary guardianship or a full/general guardianship. Call 781.231.IDEA (4332) or send us an email to schedule a consultation at your convenience.