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About Us...

At Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services, we are dedicated to making sure your children have the education they need and the education they have a right to receive.

For parents, our goal is to advocate for you and your child when you encounter roadblocks on your child's educational journey and/or special education maze. We work with you to identify special needs your child may have, and we work with your child's school to encourage and sometimes compel them to provide the necessary programming.

If your child is being threatened with expulsion or suspension, we will go to work for you to help you keep your child in school.

Our ability to provide competent and vigorous representation in such a specialized area is rooted in our founder's, Pamela Milman, many years of experience working within the Massachusetts Education System.

A Note About Pamela Milman...

Pamela Milman established Education Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services to help parents, children, and schools see that every child receives the guidance and education they need. She taught special education for over 10 years during which time she was also a school Administrator. Additionally, Pamela worked as an Education Specialist for the Massachusetts Department of Education.

At the Department of Education, she was responsible for implementing complaint management procedures, performing investigations and issuing findings. Pamela provided technical assistance regarding interpretations of state and federal education requirements.

Pamela chaired the Department's Coordinated Program Review System and related oversight systems using standard monitoring procedures, criteria and standards for regulated program areas including: special education, federal and state civil rights requirements, English Learner Education, Career and Technical Education, Title I, Safe and Drug Free Schools, and targeted requirements of the Massachusetts Educational Reform Act of 1993. In addition, Pamela assisted new schools in developing programs to comply with special education requirements and approving such programs.

Pamela has dedicated her career to helping parents, children, and schools ensure that children with special needs are having those needs met. Now as an attorney, she is also able to provide advice and representation in administrative and legal proceedings involving all education, special education, disciplinary, and juvenile matters.

Pamela's goal is to provide a comprehensive practice to help parents help their children.

Visit Pamela Milman's Attorney Profile to learn more about her.

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If you have questions about how we can serve you, your child, or your school, do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: 781.231.IDEA (4332)

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